Jan. 3rd, 2015

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Go down to the river, to leave what you don’t really need there. Just because you have been carrying it longer than you can remember, doesn’t mean you need it, doesn’t make it part of you. It is best to empty your pockets and take off your watch before heading down there. Brush your hair free of tangles and clean your glasses; make sure your shoelaces are snugged down tight. The slope down to the river is steep and the soil is loose and wet. It wouldn’t do to fall before you get down there.

Standing at the top of the rise, looking down, you know the view. It is a place you visit often, once, twice, three times a week. This bend of the river, this tumble of boulders, these trees and bushes that live here, are familiar for you despite the constant of change of being a riverside. Waterline rises and falls, tree branches and other bits float and catch on their way down stream, brush willow is empty red branched in the colds months, bright new spring green afterwards. Humans often cling to the perceived safety of sameness, through discomfort and even pain. The river knows better.

Scramble and slide a bit down to the edge and watch the river run a while: motion of the surface surging along shaped by the faces of the rocks below and the rush of the water itself, reflections of the leaning in limbs in the still shallows, the flash and catch of the late afternoon/early winter sun. Sit a while by the river and remember what matters and what does not.

Take off those shoes. Wiggle your toes, cooling in the breeze off the mountain. Go ahead, dip them in. COLD! Let them sink against the smoothed tops of the river rocks and the slip of the slime. Tip your face up to the sky. Close your eyes. Breathe a while.

Leave what you don’t need to the river. It will take it away. Splash handfuls of the river on your face, wash away the hours of the day. Stay a while. There is time.

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